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LAN (Local Area Networking)
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networking)
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There are some very basic yet important factors one should keep in mind while planning for a new WLAN, viz.
What sort of solution you are looking for? Indoor or outdoor? Or both?
What sort of topologies are you looking for? Ad Hoc / Infrastructure mode?
Does your setup have excess of metal objects?
Does your setup require roaming facility?
Have you done the proper GPRS survey for your outdoor connectivity?
Are you planning to have a mixed mode architecture, i.e., both wired and wireless?
Have you heard of the WDS (Wireless Distribution System)?
How do you plan to integrate the mobiles, laptops, PDAs, Tablets of your employees to your network?
Are you susceptible with the security in your WLAN setup?
Is your WLAN setup caters to mesh architecture?
And for the case of restructuring of existing WLAN the following points become imperative:
Have you measured properly the distribution of Radio Frequencies in your network?
Is your network suffering from Hidden Node Problem?
Is your network having too many wireless devices at close proximity?
Is your network still having clear line-of-sight?
If you are ready with the aforesaid information then just mail us at with your preferred Brand for the quote or call us to help you out to plan your design.

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