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LAN (Local Area Networking)
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networking)
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There are some very basic yet important factors one should keep in mind while planning for a new LAN, viz.
Number of PCs to be networked.
Distribution plan of the PCs with the floor diagram.
Will the cabling be done through PVC casing or PVC pipe or both?
Does your infrastructure have any false ceiling?
Do you really need optical fiber in your network?
How you plan to lay the Fiber? Underground or overhead?
Do you really need a dedicated server?
Type of installed OS in the PC.
Type of application under run.
How are you planning for the redundancy of the network?
What sort of internet connection are you having?
Are you having the plan of implementing back up internet connection?
How do you plan to protect your network and up to what extent?
Whether your infrastructure is rented or not?
How much important is the aesthetic of the setup to you?
Future expansion probability.
Have you heard of "25 years or life time warranty certification"?
What will be the basic network setup? Centralized or De centralized?
And for the case of restructuring of existing LAN the following points become imperative:
How old is the existing infrastructure?
Have you performed thorough cabling and system health check ?
Have you ever summarized the problems encountered?
Do you have the Model name of the devices used in your network?
If you are ready with the aforesaid information then just mail us at with your preferred Brand for the quote or call us to help you out to plan your design.

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