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There are some very basic yet important factors one should keep in mind while planning for Surveillance, viz.
What sort of camera is required? Fixed or Moving(PTZ)
What sort of camera is required? Indoor or outdoor or both?
What sort of camera is required? Day or Day-Night or both?
What sort of storage is applicable for your infrastructure? DVR/NVR/NAS/SAN?
Does your surveillance system require QoS implementation?
Does you setup require simultaneous viewing from multiple location?
Is your setup congenial to video teleconferencing?
What sort of camera is required? Wired or Wireless?
Is the lighting condition changes significantly and frequently, like sun?
What is the model name of the switch under use?
What sort of cabling is used? CAT5 or CAT6?
Do you want Remote surveillance?
What is the bandwidth available in internet?
Is the internet coming with a fixed IP?
Who will do the power cabling required for camera?
Is the power point within the focal length of the camera?
How is the backup power planned in your setup?
How do you plan to store the IP camera data?
Do you want an email alert during the time of unwanted incident?
Have you heard the term PoE(Power over Ethernet)?
What port DVR do you require?
Do you need vandal proof camera?
Do you need Hidden camera?
Do you want to view the output in more than one screen?
Are you under dilemma for a choice between CCTV and IP camera?
Is your existing setup not up to the satisfaction level of yours?
If you are ready with the aforesaid information then just mail us at with your preferred Brand for the quote or call us to help you out to plan your design.

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