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Course Catalog: Hp Open View

This is the first comprehensive, hands-on guide to using OpenView administration tools to maximize network performance, availability, and value. You'll find expert guidance on planning, customization, automation, security, optimization, troubleshooting, and a whole lot more.

After a practical review of network management and SNMP, three HP consultants walk you through using Network Node Manager (NNM) to monitor network connectivity -- and adapting NNM to your unique requirements. Next, you'll discover how to use Customer Views (CV) containers to manage your most important resources, from customers to Internet sites. techIT offer realistic guidance on managing networks across the Web using HP's Service Information Portal, and on monitoring computers and software with OpenView Operations (OVO). Coverage includes:

Introduction to Network Node Manager, Customer Views, and Service Information Portal,
Why Network and Systems Management Systems Fail,
Create a Deployment Plan,Out-of-the-box Network Node Manager ,
Network Discovery,Customizing NNM from the GUI,
Advanced Customization,Data Collection and Event Configuration,
Scalability and Distribution,Customer Views,
Service Information Portal,Introduction to OpenView Operations (OVO),
Agents, Policies and Distribution,Smart Plug-Ins,
Built-in Performance Tools,Server Administration,
Oracle for OpenView,Enterprise Management Flexibility with Multiple Management Servers,
Security,Plan, Document, Take Corrective Actions, Administer Changes, Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques,Introducing OVO for Windows,
OVO Windows and OVO UNIX Interoperability
OVOW Implementation Tasks,OpenView Commands Quick Reference Guide,
Hostname Resolution
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